Vocabulary in Edgar’s World

Are you sometimes a little lost when reading digital jargon? Here is glossary that could be useful:

– Branding: It’s an action that highlights a brand, works on its reputation and tries to ensure that it is unique in the consumer’s mind.

– Code source: Barak Obama has shown us talented students using coding: http://bit.ly/1HNFj0u. But what exactly is coding? What do the coders    do behind their screens? Coding puts in place all the instructions at the foundations of a technical program.

– Data Mining: Today companies collect more and more data. Data Mining is the intelligent scanning of this set of data.

– Display: Simply online advertising!

– KPI: “Key Performance Indicator”: Performance indicator to measure the achievement of a goal. For an indicator to be effective , remember : it       must be SMART (Specific ,Measurable, Acheivable, Relevant, Time phased) .

– Netlinking: This referencing technique is used to increase the number of links to a website from external sites.

– SEA: Search Engine Advertising. SEA corresponds to paid listings.

– SEO: Search Engine Optimization. No stress! SEO is simply natural referencing: positioning your webpage at the top of web searches. It is ‘natural’     because it is free.

– SEM = SEA + SEO (Search Engine Marketing).

– RTB : « Real-Time Bidding », Doesn’t that enlighten you? Here is a simple definition: RTB is buying online advertising spaces in real time. To learn a little more here is an interesting article: http://bit.ly/1sUU3zM.

If you would like to have explanations from one of our consultants about the digital world, please ask us!

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