How to write a job description

The Job Description is a key element in the recruitment process. It allows an employer to express their needs and attract the best talent. It also allows a candidate to know what they will do, why and how they will do it. It has to be clear and concise but also differentiated from others. Here are some tips before you start.1) The preliminary questions

In a job description, two elements are essential: the description of your company and that of the post. We must consider some questions before elaborating.

About the company

It is important to define your company well to attract candidates. To do this, you have to ask yourself the following questions;

  • What is your company’s vision?
  • What are the values and culture of your company?

Don’t hesitate to brainstorm with your associates and colleagues to make sure you share the same opinions.

About the position

In order for the candidate to know exactly what is expected of him, it is necessary to define:

  • The context of the recruitment
  • The issues and objectives of the job
  • The main issues of the position (for this, for example, consider the issues of a typical day)
  • The personality criteria and the expected state of mind (adopt a more dynamic tone for this part)

2) The essential elements that must appear in the Job Description

  • The title of the position
  • Location of work
  • Position status: Name of department, status and titles of your managers
  •  Assignments: Use action verbs to be as clear as possible. (e.g. Develop, Manage, Coordinate, Follow, Participate..)
  • Competences: Training, aptitudes, soft-skills, hard-skills, required experiences…

3) Edgar’s Tips

To attract the best talent, you have to differentiate yourself through the style and/or the information in the description. Edgar reveals their tips:

  • Insert a pre -selection questionnaire, a little offbeat, a little fun, to bring out your values and your culture
  • Join Glassdoor to develop your employer brand by involving your employees. Once joined, you can insert the link to Glassdoor in the company’s description; included in the Job Description. This will encorage the candidate to contact you.Lancé en France en 2014, Glassdoor collects employees’ opinions of their company

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