Become a star in an interview

Interviews should not be improvised. Admittedly, the first impression is mainly based on your handshake, presentation, posture and eye contact. However, the manner in which you describe your background and previous experiences is of far more importance.

To be at ease on the day, good preparation is essential! Use the “S.T.A.R ” method to ensure you portray yourself effectivley.

S : Situation – For each of your experiences, give information about the company, for example, indicate the number of employees, the CA, the title of your superior, etc. You could also specify the context of your arrival, for example an organizational change or a new strategy.

T : Task – What was your assignment? Your responsibilities? Did you have to develop the e-commerce sales? Or define the company’s digital strategy?

A : Actions – What did you actually implement? You should illustrate your remarks with clear and specific examples.

R : Results – What concrete results have you obtained? There is no need to only mention positive results, often you learn more from failure. Using this method allows you to present each of your jobs in a clear and concise manner, and highlights the necessary points to your interviewer.

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